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Here we go! On the ledge traverse.Part way along the traverse, we have to ascend some slabs to keep traversing on reasonable terrain.One last moderate ascent / traverse before we're home free - this is looking back at KC who waited for me to check out the route before committing to it.The true summit of Shankland visible at far right now.Gorgeous scenery at the col between false summits - the true summit at center.Starting up the horribly loose ridge of the false summit, looking over the exit valley and the true summit at left.KC works her way up the shifting blocks of slab and boulder as carefully as she can.Finally at the highest (but still false) summit of Shankland. The true summit at left, MacLaren at far right.Armstrong at left with Bolton, Veits, Tuxford and Shankland at center.Slow, careful and delicate. All hard to do when you're tired and hot.KC is a tiny dot in a sea of shifting boulders as she descends to the col.Shankland's true summit looks pretty easy from here - and it is.Wildflowers at the col.Muir SW2 and McPhail in the far distance at right.There are still a few boulders on Shankland's true summit, but not many. KC is tired of them though!Armstrong, Baril, Cornwell, Bolton, Aldridge, Courcelette, Tuxford and Veits.Bolton.