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A misleading sign points down towards the creek and Cascade Mountain. You want to ignore the big arrow and stick to the left here.The first few kilometers of the 40 Mile Creek trail are prime bear habitat with berry bushes growing on each side of the trail. We made lots of noise here!This bear is obviously well-fed on berries...The only bridge crossing along the approach trail.40 Mile Creek with Mount Louis rising in the distance.A gorgeous late-summer hike along the creek.FM-10, or Mt. Cockscomb backcountry campground. Or "the campsite". We marched right past it - as it is only 8.1km from the trailhead and not 2 hours either.Gorgeous views of Louis (L) and Fifi (R) from our turnaround point where we realized we were now off route.In the correct SW drainage with the obvious "big boulder" landmark clearly visible behind us.Determined not to go too far left and get lost a second time, we stubbornly stuck right in the gully. ;)You can already notice all the ribs / cliffs that will cause us headaches in another hour or so.Looking back at Wietse and the big boulder from just below the choke point.My lens started fogging up part way up the gully. This is a critical decision point - obvious with the balanced boulder.Again - the obvious pinnacle that we should have shot for (before traversing under it to the left) is visible at upper right.Wietse enjoys the slabs in our first ascent gully.Looking back through my legs as we continue to enjoy the dry slabs / ribs on ascent.At this point I'm starting to get nervous as our GPS track is starting to deviate too far climber's left of the upper bowl.The SW ridge rising from lower center to upper left. Norquay, Edith, Louis and Fifi (L to R) in the background.