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Phil comes down the SW slopes of Alcantara (R) with the impressive west outlier of Brussilof at left.The mountain on the right of the photo is Og Mountain.The third and first summit from the fourth.Kev heads down the slopes to the col, Assiniboine brooding above.Kev on the summit ridge.Kev on a shoulder of Lunette Peak underneath it's summit, Assiniboine's SW face rising behind him to the right.Descending the neverending SW face.Phil checks out the views from the SW end of the summit block - note the impressive rock wall of the west outlier at right.Heading back, we'll drop down to our left before traversing under the silly bits of summit ridge and then back up to the false summit.Phil on the summit of Fatigue Mountain.The massively exposed cleft just beneath the first false summit.Very dramatic scenery as we continue to navigate the ridge to Fatigue Pass after the storm.Looking back at Phil and Wietse as I gain height on the loose scree slopes which are much bigger than they first appear.Phil comes up to the summit with an amazing panorama opening up behind him.What a glorious day! Note the green meadow at lower right? The Porcupine / Simpson River trail goes through it.A great shot of Eric on the north pocket glacier of Nestor with the east ridge stretching out behind him.Looking back at Eric (R) from the expansive and beautiful Police Meadows. Citadel Pass at center distance with Golden Mountain above at right.