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A moonscape to walk across from just below Townsend's summit block towards Epic Tower at upper left.The crumbling Epic Tower appears to have a fairly straightforward route.As I approach the summit block of Epic Tower I can scope out a route from mid right to upper left.Looking back at Townsend.A crumbling, but fairly easy route up Epic Tower's SW slope.Great views down Exshaw Creek at lower left with Mythic Tower featuring prominently in the foreground.Looking over Exshaw Ridge towards Old Fort Peak, Morrowmount, Yamnuska and Goat Mountain.At right is the lovely upper Exshaw Creek Meadows and South Ghost Peak. At left is the long Cougar Creek approach.Looking south at the remaining traverse to Mythic Tower with Fable, Grotto, Cougar and Lady Macdonald L to R.South Ghost Peak at left, Cross Peak at right.Orient Point.Saddle Peak.Peechee at distance with Stenton Peak at right.Exshaw RidgeGreat views down Exshaw Creek.Really good views north over Exshaw Meadows and pass and past the impressive east face of Mount Townsend (L) towards Saddle Peak and Orient PointCougar Peak (L) rises above the long approach up Cougar Creek. Lady Macdonald at mid center.Looking down Exshaw Creek past the impressive east face of Mythic Tower - my next destination.Descending Epic Tower with the summit at upper left and Exshaw Creek far below to the east.