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It's going to be a lovely, lovely day."Fish Lakes" is North Molar Pass, "Molar Pass" is South Molar Pass.Pure hiking magic.Mosquito Creek flows out of it's headwaters tarn in this view looking back towards OXO Mountain.The small tarn that is the start of Mosquito Creek with the impressive NE face of Noseeum Mountain rising beyond.Looking ahead to North Molar Pass from near the tarn - Molarstone rising at left.View looking NW along our approach from way down the valley and out of sight around Noseeum Mountain at left.Striking landscapes as we descend the alpine valley towards Fish Lakes.The trail continues to wind it's way down valley - Fish Lakes still out of sight at lower left here with Minnow Peak rising at left above them.Finally Cataract Peak shows up right of center. It looks far and huge from here yet.An energetic stream flows down towards the Fish Lakes. Deluc Peak rises in the far distance through the forest fire haze.Little (L) and "Big" Cataract Peak rise across the Pipestone River Valley and over the larger of the Fish Lakes.The Fish Lakes Campground is gorgeous - but beware of the hordes of bugs that also happen to find it incredibly attractive.The view of Cataract (L) and Mount McConnell from the meadows around Fish Lakes.Acres of Asters flourish just past the lake.A perfect day not to be working or doing anything but exactly this.Descending from the Fish Lakes to the Pipestone River.At the Pipestone River crossing.