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From the first picnic table clearing the first highpoint of the day is visible - looking deceptively snow free.Although the trail starts out reasonably dry, there are lingering patches of freaking snow almost right away.Notice how there's only snow on the freaking trail?! Grrr. So annoying to be stumbling around on snow with perfectly dry forest right next to you on either side.I shouldn't complain too much about a little bit of now. It was a gorgeous, windless day and I was enjoying it with Hanneke.The trail is pretty obvious as it's part of an old road bed.We break out of the lower forest and onto our first grassy, open ridge. Mount Burke lies in the distance at center to the south.Looking across a gap between the first high point on approach at the next one. Essentially this hike navigates over a series of ridges to the high point on Stony Ridge.The trail is a bit snarky today.This is the second ridge of the day that we have to get to somehow.At least it's warm outside!Snow on the road and nowhere else.Looking back as Hann crosses the avy slope / gully along the approach road on Junction Hill's east aspect.Looking south towards Mount Burke.Grassy hiking. Junction Hill at left.Views back to the south over our first ridge / highpoint (C) from the second ridge. Note the approach road running along Junction Hill at right.The views start improving dramatically from the second ridge. The High Rock Range is visible at center with Cat Creek hills in the foreground.On ascent we took this steeper line up the third ridge. On return we managed to find a better route a bit further south than this.Hann follows up the third ridge with Cat Creek Hills in the background.Looking back at Junction Hill.This is looking awesome! A short scramble along the third ridge awaits with excellent views to the Continental Divide at left.