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Leaving camp on a clear, cold morning.Ben skis towards North Twin with South Twin on the left. The bench along North Twin's east face is obvious.Steven and the huge east face of North Twin.Traversing an easy part of the bench. With good snow, this traverse is very straight forward.Descending to the South Twin col on North Twin's south ridge. Last time I was here, this was all scree.There is a steep snow slope from the North Twin col which is definitely avalanche terrain. Twin's Tower at far right here.Kev skis up behind me with North Twin's south ridge in the background.Skiing up the lower part of South Twin's north ridge. Great conditions with lots of snow.Off the skis and onto the 40 degree slope. Snow this time - makes things much easier.Spectacular views off the ascent slope! West Twin already looks tiny and we're not close to the summit yet.This was the only section where I thought we might have some difficulties - the steepest part just before the upper ridge.It's tempting to think the peak is "in the bag" at this point but it's not quite.he views keep improving as we traverse to the final ridge. King Edward at center.Here we go! This is a nice wide section - the narrow ones were even more fun.It may not look very exposed due to the wide angle lens, but trust me - it is.We traversed on the west side of the ridge wherever it made sense.Steven points the way! We're all pretty psyched at this point.This is what it's all about! Great fun on the final ridge to the summit of one of my favorite peaks of all time.Caution is paramount on the summit ridge. A slip - or more likely a crampon snagging trip - could pull the entire party downThis is what it looked like when I looked at my feet on the ridge. There are people who are considering skiing this face.