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Mount Minos from the road - lots of fresh snow today!We descended along the cut block than proceeded about .5km up the Red Deer River before crossing it and finding the horse trailA beautiful morning. Labyrinth is reflected in a small tarn along the Red Deer River valley.Wietse with Minos in the background. These mountains are small, but when you combine them it's a longer day than you'd think.After crossing the Red Deer River we went a bit more upstream (200m or so) before diving into the bushThe bush.The horse trail makes travel very enjoyable and quick to the back side of Labyrinth.There was just enough fresh snow to make things slick, but the trail was still obvious.A brief snow squall worried us that maybe the forecasts were way off for the day.Back in the sunshine! Both Wietse and I agreed that this is the perfect place to build a small cabin to get away from it all.We decided to go up when the southwest slopes looked a bit more open. This photo is already part way up the bottom SW slopes.We enjoyed the labyrinth up the SW slopes of the mountain.Surprising views off the ascent slopes - we are now in the large boulder field directly under the summitFrom L to R are Dormer, Barrier, Gable and Warden Rock as the high summits with Tyrrel, Wapiti and Tomahawk in the far distance at right.