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I was a bit early for the morning meeting place so I snapped this shot of the mountains from near the Cochrane / Hwy #1 turn off.Wietse and Keith head up the trail on a beautiful morning. It really felt like spring.Yamnuska looks majestic - it's been a while since I've gone up that one.Finding our way into the CMC Valley with Wendell in the bg.East Peak of Wendell (L) and Association Peak (R).From left to right you can see Morrowmount and the main peak of Wendell Mountain with the East Peak of Wendell on the right.Nice views back to Old Fort Peak.Interesting canyon features along the south face of EPOW.Wietse and Keith with the imposing walls of the EPOW rising above them, reflecting the warm morning light.Interesting terrain around the south side of EPOW.More interesting terrain - looking east along the south cliff face.Keith and Wietse hike along the south cliff face of EPOW.Keith does some bouldering.Keith does some bouldering.More fun terrain around the south cliffs.The snow made things interesting when we walked through this boulder field.The group ahead of us continued up this valley to the col between the main peak and the ridge coming of the EPOW.