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There are more treed sections than I was expecting on the lower ridge - but a good trail made it easy to find the right way up.Breaking out of the trees, this is the wonderful view of the ridge ahead.A local is curious about who is sharing her trail this morning.Great views north to Thrift Peak and Camp Creek Ridge (R).Easy hiking on fairly good rock.View off the ridge looking back down at the ascent route.View off the ridge looking back down at the ascent route.Incredible views and easy hiking keep me entertained as I look ahead to the summit.The rock was generally very solid till about this point and even then, I've had much, much worse!This is a popular peak with both sheep and humans and there are trails in the scree to prove it.Summit views east over the prairies.Looking towards Crowsnest Mountain and Pass.Looking south along the spine of the Livingstone peaks towards Center and Caudron.Livingstone Ridge (Thrift Peak) and Camp Creek Ridge to the north.Vern on Thunder Mountain.