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Fall colors are in full swing as we march up the easy-to-follow Lineham Lakes trail. Mount Lineham looming above us.Looking back along the highway trail.A nice morning.Great views of Mount Lineham off the trailStarting our off-trail ascentI love Waterton colors! Looking back at Lineham (R), Rowe, Custer, Alderson and Carthew.A bit cloudy and cool, but lovely nonetheless.Wietse with Lineham Lakes starting to show up.I love this view - the traverse from Blakiston to Hawkins to Lineham goes over the ridge in the far distance.Just before the west summit of Ruby Ridge. Blakiston and Ruby Lake on the left. Wietse on the right.A summit pano looking west and over Cameron Lake in the far distance.Cameron Lake with Mount Custer looming in the background and Forum Peak / Akamina Ridge on the right.Lineham LakesGreat views over Ruby Lake and towards the ruby colored east ridge of Ruby.Starting the traverse to the east peak of Ruby Ridge.Looking up at one of the moderate descent sections.Pretty obvious why it's called "Ruby Ridge"!Great views looking back at the higher west summit of Ruby Ridge.Great views of Blakiston looming over Ruby Lake.