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Cherry Hill from the Carbondale Road. Go left - trust me! Center or right is BAD.Tiny wildflowers on route.Tiny wildflowers on route.An obvious trail in places.Less obvious trail in other places.Lanceleaf Springbeauty.Lanceleaf Springbeauty.Lanceleaf Springbeauty.Lanceleaf Springbeauty.Glacier Lily.Glacier Lily.Glacier Lily.The trails in the area have a habit of disappearing underfoot.MeadowStorm clouds over Syncline and a bird's nest.This should have been a clue that I wasn't far enough south...Some kind of wild onion.Hiking up a steep goat path through the cliffs.Hiking up a steep goat path through the cliffs.Topping out of the cliff and realizing I'm probably screwed as I'm nowhere near the summit yet.