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Hiking along a soaking wet GDT thanks to early morning showers.Streams along the GDT provide welcome sources of fresh water even this late into a dry summer.Hiking along a soaking wet GDT thanks to early morning showers.The junction with the Memory Lake Trail and the GDT.Starting along the Memory Lake trail towards Mount Gass - note the sign at left indicating the border of the Beehive Natural Area which the OHV track skirts and flirts with.Our two options loom over the OHV track. We took the treed ledges on ascent but this is much harder than it looks.We traversed to the treed ledges at right center and ascended a convoluted route that I don't recommend. Mount Lyall rises at center here.Despite looking easy from afar, the route got a bit desperate as we got higher. There might be an easier way but we didn't find it.Now we're wondering why we went this way?!We were on a sheep track but it was fairly exposed in spots.Great early morning views off the headwall with Memory Lake showing up at right.Almost up the headwall with Memory Lake at left with the OHV trail visible.Looking back at an outlier of Lyall and the pass above the headwall at left.There are many possible route options from the SE ridge of Gass.The traverse across the bottom of the south face of Gass was very pleasant. There was evidence of Grizzlies in these alpine meadows.Traversing to the easy south ridge over grassy meadows.