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The new Taco enjoys being in the mountains almost as much as I do. Mount Taylor rising in the background.The snowpack held up great despite the strong sun.Shoeing up the approach road with Michel Head at center distance and Michel Ridge at right.The road is pretty low angle and switchbacks a lot.It feels great to be hiking in gorgeous weather.Kilometer signs along the way. I'm sure this would be fun on a mountain bike.A blank white canvas.My shortcut route involved the first views of the day towards the old mine and Mount Darrah at left.Nearing the top of the ridge the trees started thinning.Looking back at my tracks.On the summit ridge now, looking back at Loop Ridge.Just before the summit (R) with great views over old mine works towards Ptolemy.Views include Erikson straight ahead and Tecumseh and Crowsnest Mountain at far right.Panorama looking south from the summit. Ptolemy at left with Darrah's many summits at center. Michel Head at right.Crowsnest Mountain is still one of my favorite scrambles in the Crowsnest Pass area.Phillipps Peak and Mount Tecumseh.Mount Erikson lies directly north of Tent Mountain.