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Nice views of Fortress, Gusty and Galatea already from near Evan-Thomas Creek.Two small cairns indicate the proper trail - lots of snow already here.A small creek that I crossed soon after leaving the Evan-Thomas trail.The trail becomes less obvious the higher I get up McDougall Creek.Lower slopes of Volcano Peak on the left and The Wedge at far right.The valley splits before the bump visible here and you want to be in the valley bottom to take the left branch.The trail was obvious in places.Looking back along my side-hilling approach.I'm off route and side-hilling now. I dropped into the creek bed on the right and went to the tarn which is around the corner out of sight.At valley bottom in McDougall Creek.McDougall pond was almost completely dried up. This is where I started going up on climber's left. The snow was over ankle deep here.Looking down the snow gully.The snow gully I ascended from McDougall Pond.Gaining the upper ridge, looking at my tracks and Daffern's "Old Baldy" below - the grassy ridge.Working my way along the east side of the ridge to the summit above.Traversing to the summit.Kidd South, Kidd North, Bogart, Ribbon, Sparrowhawk, Lougheed, Allan, Collembolla, Skogan Pass, Lorette, McGillivray, Mary Barclays and Mount Baldy (L to R).