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Geoff kicks shallow steps up a gully on the east face of Monad.A great look back at Isola Peak with Speke (Coffin) Mountain at right.Lisa wisely puts her micro-spikes on for the slick east face slopes of Monad.Geoff comes up the east face slopes of Monad with Isola (C), Monola (C-R) and Monad (R) in the background.The angle of the east face steepens near the ridge crest and is guarded by a low cliff band that runs almost the entire east face along the ridge.Cabin Ridge (Twin Peak) pokes up over the east face of Monad. Raf is just barely visible on the summit at center.Lisa comes up the east face in this view from part way up the low cliffs.Geoff on the ridge of Monad with Isola just right of center and Lisa coming up the east face below. Monola at far right.Looking north along Monad's ridge from the northern high point towards Pasque and Plateau.Pasque Mountain lies just to the northwest of Monad's north summit.Looking over an outlier ridge of Pasque (L) towards Burke in the far distance over the shoulder of Plateau Mountain.A great shot of Lisa on the ridge with Cabin Ridge in the distance and the summit of Monad Peak rising above.Part of the broken ridge traverse as we work our way up to the summit of Monad where Raf awaits patiently.A great view back along Monad's north ridge (R) at Lisa and Geoff with another very nice ridge stretching out at left pointing towards Pasque MountainMore great views back along the north ridge of Monad. Our ascent route comes up the slopes at right.Nearing the summit of Monad with Cabin Ridge (Twin Peaks) looking impressive to the south.Geoff and Lisa come up to the summit. Pasque at left and Plateau at right in the distance.