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Looking back down our ascent valley from hwy 40, the SE summit of Highwood Ridge in the bg.As we work our way around the north slopes of Lipsett we start thinking we can shortcut up between the two summitsLoose, but easy scrambling to break through the cliff band.Keith comes up through the loose cliff band - Mist in the bg.The lower north summit of Lipsett in the bg at left.Keith fools around on our traverse to the main summit of Lipsett.Looking along the north side of Lipsett towards our approach route with hwy 40 and the Highwood Pass in the distance.Highwood and Grizzly Ridges at left with Tyrwhitt at far left. Mount Rae in the distance at right.Keith at the summit of Lipsett.Vern and Keith on the summit.Views to the south include Odlum and Loomis on the right and Lineham on the left.Lovely (and intimidating!) views of the Mist col and our route up the east ridge.Views to the south and west include Odlum, Loomis and Bishop.Keith on the summit with Mist in the bg.Views over the Mist col at the south ridge of Mist.Views over the Mist col at the south ridge of Mist.