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On the excellent approach track just after the river crossing with Orient Point looming above the truck.The driving portion ends a bit prematurely thanks to a confusing track in the many braided channels of the Ghost River at left.As you can see in this shot near the campsite, Orient Point is far off in the distance and we are still walking away from it.It's already hot in the morning as we start up the drainage trail from the campsite.Orient Point looks far away at this point and instead of hiking towards it at right, we'll take the ATV track at left heading towards the South Ghost River and End Mountain.Orient Point (R) isn't really much closer than the last panorama. End Mountain (L) isn't either.Looking up the South Ghost River.The south ridge is visible ahead of us here.Great views back down the approach drainage to the South Ghost drainage at left.Looking back over the South Ghost towards Saddle at right.Looking up our route.Even the classic alpine flowers are coming out already - I believe May is quite early for these ones.Phil walks past some evidence of the winds that are usually blowing here.First we'll ascend to the summit block above Phil on this ridge, then we'll traverse to the cliffs to its left before descending slightly and breaking another set of cliffs.Plodding up rubble.Views to the east from the ridge.An interesting arch along the first bit of ridge crest that we got onto.Great views from the top of the south ridge over the South Ghost River drainage.The rest of the route from the south ridge is obvious from this vantage. Simply traverse to the next line of cliffs and find a reasonable way through.Views back to the top of the south ridge as we continue our traverse. Saddle Peak showing up at right now.