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The drop-in point off the south ridge of Serendipity at upper right and Patterson's Peak just left of center distance.The traverse to the col is easy and pretty quick.[Just before reaching the col, the summit of Patterson's is now hidden behind the false summit.The east face of Pyriform S5 overshadows the col with Patterson's. Serendipity at far upper left.Patterson's false summit from the col - at least it looks easy.One of Pyriform's outliers through the small rock arch near the col.One of Pyriform's outliers through the small rock arch near the col.Looking back at Pyriform S5 as I start up the easy false summit. Serendipity at left.From the false summit the true one looks a ways off yet - and it is.The many outliers of Pyriform at left, including the "Lineham Twin - or Creek - Peaks" at left.The winds were very strong here but the terrain to the summit was very easy.Mount Head, Serendipity, Pyriform S5 and Lineham Creek Peaks with the High Rock Range in the distant background.Pyriform, Dogtooth, Junction, High Rock Ridge, Gypsum and Mount Head.Even though Serendipity (C) is lower than Patterson's Peak, its views are slightly better due to it's location.Great views over Gypsum Summit towards Mount Head which I finally climbed back in June of this year - in a whiteout with no views.