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Mount William Booth is still distant across the North Saskatchewan River.The bridge across the North Saskatchewan River is impressively unstable. Safe - but wriggly.Mount Ernest Ross.An interesting boardwalk across the Kootenay Plains prevents people walking all over the place here.On the Siffleur Falls trail.The Siffleur River is fierce today! Ernest Ross features prominently again.A "normal" bridge over the Siffleur River.A smaller trail towards Whiterabbit Creek and William Booth.Biking a nice road towards William Booth.I've never seen so many twinflower before.Interesting flood damage on the Whiterabbit Creek banks.Whiterabbit Creek with William Booth.Forest hiking to the ascent rib.Forest hiking to the ascent rib.Some slabs in the forest.Ardennes and Normandy Peak across Whiterabbit Creek (L). Whirlpool Ridge at distant right.Peskett (L), Corona Ridge (C) and Murchison.Whirlpool Ridge, Tuff Puff, Landslide Peak and Bridge Peak.Continuing up the rib to the south ridge.Continuing up the rib to the south ridge.