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From a viewpoint along hwy 6 to Waterton, I realized there was still a lot of snow on the mountains. Chief Mountain at left here.The trail is a bit more of a 'track' than I thought it would be. And a bit less busy on this gorgeous long weekend Monday.I felt pretty alone while heading through the narrow trail.Hitting snow already in the trees.My first full on view of Sofa Mountain and it looks pretty good!Lovely grasslands along the approach hike.Lovely grasslands along the approach hike.Sofa Mountain from a bit closer. Nugara's route goes up the right hand ridge and through some moderate cliff bands.I surprised some deer on my way up.Looking back over the prairie that lies just outside of Waterton National Park.After crossing this small stream I headed up left. Nugara's route is visible here above me.The small stream has great tasting water - very refreshing.Snow on the route as I look back at my approach.Following the faint trail for a wee bit further - Nugara's route is plastered in snow above me here.My route looms above at left with Nugara's route on the right.