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Looking back at the ridge coming down from Pyriform Mountain.Looking back along the ridge going up to Pyriform Mountain. All our bail-out points were on the east side of the ridge.Looking north up the ridge - obviously this is a nice easy section. Note the smoke hanging in the air beyond.Looking back at Pyriform Mountain from the ridge. Everything went much quicker than expected.Gorgeous views over the west alpine bowl of Junction and down the Junction Creek Valley and our approach.Looking back towards Pyriform Mountain with Trap Creek at left.Looking back towards Pyriform Mountain with Trap Creek at left.Lot of classic Rockies rubble.Approaching the crux section of the ridge to Junction Mountain - clearly visible at right of center here. The crux is sort of hidden in front of Junction.Looking back along the ridge where we came from. We went around the obvious obstacle on the east side.The ridge gets more complex the further we travel along it.A good view towards the crux section. We followed a faint sheep trail around the east side of the high point here and around to the north ridge on the other side of it.Looking back at terrain we just downclimbed around the crux.Looking back along the ridge where we came from Pyriform.Wietse downclimbs a tricky exposed section of the ridge. Did I mention LOOSE?! It was all very loose.It looks like we're home free but we're not. There's some tricky scrambling remaining.We always managed to find ledges leading down the east side of the ridge and around any serious sections.Looking back along the ridge to a very distant Pyriform now at far center right.More tricky downclimbing.There is some exposure along the very loose crux and care is needed with loose rocks and boulders too.