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Scramble Mount Lawson in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. See for more information.
Jason leads the way up the lower gully below the first waterfall.Wietse comes up behind us on fairly recent avi debris. You can see a tree that has been ripped out by the slide.JW climbs up beside a waterfall.JW climbs up beside a waterfall.JW climbs up beside a waterfall.JW climbs up beside a waterfall.Great views of Mount Kidd's south (L) and north (R) summits from the waterfall drainage.JW above the waterfalls with Mount Inflexible in the background.Mount Inflexible from the steep ascent slope.JW takes a break on ascent - obviously he's feeling hot here. ;)Wietse comes up behind us on the main slope below the summit ridge. We left our poles in one of the rocky spots below him to skier's left.Jason kicks steps above me as the slope steepens. This slope seems to never end.I have to include this picture because it's the only proof that I kick some steps too. But not for long!Wietse follows our steps to the col and off the north gully.Great views up hwy 40 towards Kananaskis Village from the col.The traverse to Mount Inflexible doesn't look easy - especially in these conditions.Joffre, Warspite, King George, French, Sir Douglas, Murray, Kent Ridge, Assiniboine, Galatea, Inflexible, James Walker, Sparrowhawk, Bogart, South Kidd, North Kidd (L to R).Wietse, Vern and Jason on the summit of Mount Lawson.