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A nice sunrise as I start the long trek up Cougar Creek.Although the creek approach is very long, it's quite scenic in places.Although the creek approach is very long, it's quite scenic in places.Cougar Creek.Cougar Creek.Cougar Creek.Cougar Creek.As much fun as this was, it did get old once the boulders in the creek became so big that there were scrambling moves required to ascend themCougar Creek.The left branch of the valley goes up towards Stenton Peak while the right one goes towards Townsend and the Mythic Towers which are visible here - still a LONG ways off.Upper Cougar Creek.Finally, Townsend is getting visible (upper right) and closer.Upper Cougar Creek.In the right hand upper branch that leads to Townsend.I made the wrong choice here by ascending the easier slope at right. The correct one (of course) is at center leftWith all the slabs on route, it's very easy to get into difficult terrain.Looking back at Cougar Peak and my approach valley.This distinctive rock buttress is part of a ridge coming down from Little Mythic.Finally getting some views, looking back down Cougar Creek towards Cougar Peak at center.I was a bit concerned about running into drop-offs along the whaleback but never really did. The few that exist are easily bypassed.