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From the Citadel Pass meadows there is barely a defined trail up to Fatigue Pass. Thankfully there's cairns marking the way.Looking back towards Citadel Pass from the faint trail.The trail becomes more defined temporarily at the switchbacks. Great views over Citadel Pass at right.Views off the switchbacks over Citadel Pass to Citadel Peak which we've just ascended. Phil at lower right approaching the switchbacks.Note how faint the trail is in this shot looking back over Citadel Pass. Soon after this shot it disappeared completely again.Golden Mountain stretches out from Fatigue Pass. We'll go out of sight to our left before finding an ideal bivy site.Fatigue Pass.Fatigue Pass.Fatigue Pass.Despite the somewhat gloomy weather, this place is gorgeous.An ideal bivy site. Golden's north end at left and Assiniboine just showing up at distant center.Fatigue Pass.A great view of Fatigue Pass with Golden Mountain's north end and our bivy.There are worse ways to spend a Friday afternoon.The Matterhorn of the Rockies peeks out from the clouds.Fatigue Pass.Fatigue Pass.Looking towards Policeman Flats.