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It's going to be another hot summer day!A bridge that had to be rebuilt after the 2013 floods.Smoke brings out the vibrant colors around the trail.Haze in the air as I approach Bourgeau Lake.The meadows before Bourgeau Lake with an outlier of Black Brett at center.A hot, dusty approach.Ascending the steep scree slopes past Bourgeau Lake.A view from the lower Harvey lake with the ridge running from Harvey Pass (L) to Black Brett (R).Looking back over the lower Harvey Lake.Off trail now, looking towards my route with Black Brett at upper right of center. Click for approximate line - very foreshortened here.Looking up the easy bench.Nearing the col, looking back at Mount Bourgeau (L) with Harvey Pass left of center and the three Harvey Lakes barely visible in the smoke.The reason it's called "Black" Brett becomes obvious as I cross the loose, dirt slope towards the SE face.Note the obvious (and fairly easy) line continuing along the face. Left is difficult, right and up is easiest.A very well placed cairn (that seems to last through the years somehow) keeps me from going left too early.Views along the SE ridge towards the summit.Great views through the smoky haze back down the SE ridge towards Mount Bourgeau at right.Views to the west and north to Mount Brett from the summit.This is not a busy register with at most an ascent every two years.