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The trail from the parking lot has no mercy. Straight up through light forest.The trial reaches a high point fairly quickly with this view of Wasootch Tower.Yet another high point on the ridge which runs into the distance at left.Looking north over Yates Mountain towards Yamnuska.So many of these nice view points - it's not nearly as thickly treed as it looks from afar.Another glance back, showing how open the ridge is and Mary Barclay's showing up at right.Looking ahead at the ridge - the summit visible far at distant center. Porcupine Ridge at left.There is a trail beaten into this ridge hike making it even easier and more pleasant - especially on such a gorgeous, windless day.The distinctive, "Porcupine Tower" is located along Porcupine Ridge which runs parallel to Porcupine Creek on the NE side of Wasootch Ridge.An interesting tree along the ridge.There are plenty of trees on route but they're non-threatening and the shade was welcome on this scorching spring day.Great views of both Porcupine (L) and Wasootch (R) creeks with our summit at distant center. Peaks include Boundary, Tiara, Old Baldy and Kananaskis (L to R).More delightful, open ridge walking.