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Dramatic views down and along the east face of Flints Peak to the Cascade River valley.Puma Mountain and the small tarn steal the show.L to R, Petain, Joffre, Warrior, King George, Lyautey, Sarrail, Sir Douglas, Indefatigable, Turret.Lovely lakes and tarns in the upper Martin Creek valley with the Clearwater Glacier and Mountain.Views over Divide Pass to Bellow (L), Whelk, Peters, Condor and Chirp.Stunning views down Johnston Creek along the Sawback Range (L). The Castle Mountain massif including Helena Ridge, Stuart Knob, Eisenhower Tower, Castle Mountain and TV Peak at distance.We can't get enough of this beautiful day! Care is required on Molar's summit block thanks to very loose rock and a severe drop on the north and east sides.(L to R), Howse, Chephren, Murchison, Corona Ridge, Noyes, Weed, Silverhorn, Mistaya Lake, Capricorn Lake and Mount Patterson.A fantastic panorama of the Brazeau Icefields includes Mount Brazeau, Warren, Valad, Henry MacLeod, Coronet, Mary Vaux and Replica Peak.Incredible scene of Recondite and Harris just peeking over the clouds.Crown Peak and South Willingdon above the clouds.Brocken spectreBrocken spectreThe first ascent of Athabasca ascended across the north glacier from right to left to the ridge in the foregroundMurchison (L), Totem Creek, Bison, South Totem, Spreading and Waterfowl Lakes (R).Descending the summit ridge of Christian Peak.Aye, Assiniboine, Currie, Morrison, Turner, Cone. Old Goat, Nestor, Shark, Smuts.Stunning views over the Kananaskis and Rawson Lakes. Opal and Misty Ranges at right.A wider view with Lyell Creek on the far left and Walter, Ernest, Edward and Rudolph all visible at right of center.Brazeau Lake is hidden at lower right.