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Sunrise views along the Highwood River. The north end of North Limestone Ridge is the second ridge from left here.Across the Highwood River looking east along the cold river bank.Gearing up for our hike after crossing a frosty Highwood River.Working our way east down the river towards the end of North Limestone Ridge.There was a road / trail running east off the river, here we are crossing Zephyr Creek.A surprising lack of snow as we make our way through light forest towards the north end of North Limestone Ridge, visible at right.A steep grunt up the north end of the ridge.Great morning views over the Highwood River with Mount Mann at left and Gunnery at center.There are some neat scrambling opportunities on North Limestone Ridge if you seek them out.The Limestone ridges made the hiking rather pleasant.Discussions along the way.Lots of dead trees provide interesting scenery on the ridge. This is looking over at Mount Mann with the High Rock Range peaks showing up in the distance now.Gnarled and wind-blasted.We did some post-holing but snowshoes wouldn't have helped any in the sugary snow.Views back along the ridge to Holy Cross at right with Zephyr Creek at lower center running up valley to the left.With no wind, this was the perfect day to do this hike. Strong west winds would make this considerably less pleasant.Making our way down from yet another false summit and then up the next one. Zephyr Creek at lower right here.