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Descending Edward Peak towards Rudolph Peak with Arctomys just visible at far right and Willerval right of center.Incredible views on our descent to the Rudolph col, looking northeast towards Mount Saskatchewan over the Alexandra River valley.Farbus, Alexandra, Queens and Oppy all at left of center foreground with Tsar, Tusk, Clemenceau and Bryce at distance.Farbus, Alexandra, Queen's, Oppy, Bryce, King Edward, Columbia, South and North Twin peaks, Kitchener, Snow Dome, Castleguard, Androlumbia, Andromeda, Athabasca, Terrace and others.At the Rudolph / Edward col, looking up at the moderate scramble to Rudolph's summit along the rock on the right hand edge of the southwest face.Ben scrambles up the surprisingly rocky ridge.There is some fantastic exposure off the east face of Lyell I if you stray close to the edge of the scramble route.Looking back to the southwest at our easy descent of Edward Peak. Note our track right over a fairly large bergschrund!It's not a difficult climb or anything to the summit of Rudolph, but the day was getting long for us after approaching the Lyell HutOn the summit ridge of Rudolph Peak - our third 11,000er of the day!Valley of Lakes with Monchy, Erasmus and Arctomys at left. Forbes and Mons Peak at center and Christian, Edward and Ernest at right.Christian, Edward, Ernest, Cockscomb, Whiterose, Farbus, Alexandra, Oppy and Queens (L to R).Looking west towards Erasmus, Sullivan and Arctomys with the Glacier Lake valley out of sight at right.Once again, I'm impressed by the lush greenery on the ridge separating the Alexandra River from the Castleguard River at center.Peaks include Alexandra, Oppy, Bryce, King Edward and of course, Mount Columbia (L to R).Descending the first part of the Rudolph / Edward col towards the main Lyell Icefield below.