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Hiking along hwy 40.Starting up the lower section just above Hwy 40, looking ahead to Mount Armstrong in the far distanceA lonely tree withstands the strong chinook winds on this grassy slope.This one didn't survive the harsh climate.Nearing the top of the first hill, looking back at my ascent route and Hwy 40 and 940. The SE ridge route goes up on the far left.There's a marker on top of the first bump. Great views of Baril, Armstrong.Rounding the first hilltop, looking towards the summit. It's much further than it appears here and there's much more snow too!Looking back at Coyote Hills.Looking over at the Great Divide peaks.Nearing the summit.Pano from near the summit with Holy Cross on the L, Gunnery, Sentinel, Burke, Raspberry Ridge and Coyote Hills all in the photo too.From L to R, Patterson's, Head and Holy Cross.