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A beautiful early morning view of Pipestone Mountain and its impressive east face (L) and Mount Drummond (R) from Shingle Flats.The vegetation around the trail is frozen solid this morning.Searching for the true center of the gully which is free of all these nasty foreground shrubs and trees.In the gully proper now, the route is simple - head UP! Way up.The gully narrowed and then widened again and the terrain was never as steep as it appeared.A very green coating on this rock. Not paint.The loose ascent gully.Looking back down the huge SE gully towards the Red Deer Lakes. Douglas, St. Bride, Lychnis and Oyster Ridge at center.It did feel never ending at some point.Mount Drummond, Pipestone Towers, Douglas, Oyster Ridge, Fossil and Skoki from L to R.Looking along the impressive east face of Pipestone towards the summit from the false summit.Looking over Merlin Lake towards Richardson and Merlin Ridge (C) with Mount Victoria at distant center.The sublime Red Deer Lakes with Fossil and Skoki rising over them and Redoubt, Ptarmigan, Wall of Jericho, Pika and Richardson in the far distance right of center.Phil enjoys great views over the Drummond Icefield towards Mount Drummond at left and the Pipestone Towers at center.Phil on the summit ridge.Summit views over the Drummond Icefield. Cyclone at far left and Drummond at center-right.