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We start the easy trudge up Edward Peak on pretty mushy snow.Looking back over our tracks up Ernest Peak at right with Christian and Walter at center.Looking back over our tracks up Ernest Peak at right with Christian and Walter at center.Doing a switchback to ease the pain a bit.Mount Forbes, Mons Peak, Christian, Rostrum, Walter, Kinbasket Lake, Ernest Peak, Oppy, Alexandra, Bryce, Columbia, Terrace, Snow DomeAn amazing late evening panorama looking down the main Lyell Icefield towards Mount Forbes (L) and the Mons Icefield at right.Ernest Peak looks incredible from Edward - note our tracks up the east ridge.King Edward, Columbia, South Twin, North Twin, Alberta, Castleguard, Snow Dome, Andromeda, Terrace, Athabasca, Brazeau, Saskatchewan and CirrusI love the deep greens on the ridge separating the headwaters of the Alexandra River at bottom left of the ridge and the Castleguard River at center to the right of it.Farbus in the foreground with Oppy. Alexandra at center with Tsar, Clemenceau and Bryce at distant background.Looking east over Rudolph Peak - our next destination - with peaks from Saskatchewan to Amery to Forbes in the distance.The entire main Lyell Icefield stretches out towards the Forbes and Mons Glaciers and summits. Arctomys at mid leftMount Forbes with Outram at left and Hector visible at center distance.Looking towards the line of Sarbach, Kaufmann, Epaulette, White Pyramid, Chephren and Howse.Cline and Wilson show up across a hidden hwy #93 to the east.Mount Saskatchewan is a near-11,000er at foreground center with Mount Brazeau, Mount Poboktan, Cirrus and Stewart showing up at distance.