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The initial road up the West Castle River is very easy, wide and fast riding.The clearing where Nugara recommends parking your vehicle - no longer possible thanks to the road closure.Still easy riding towards the pass at this point. An outlier of Rainy Ridge rising in the distance.The riding becomes "pushing".Many hundreds of vertical meters of this. And remember, you have to ride back down it. (In our case, in pitch darkness but we didn't know that yet at this point!)In theory OHV's are no longer allowed to even ride these trails now that this is part of a Provincial Park.Fall colors are brilliant today! Here you can see the OHV bypass to the gate, coming down from upper right.A nice stream crossing with part of Lys Ridge in the background.Nearing the pass with part of Middle Kootenay Mountain looming above.Finally the trail "levels" enough to ride again. The pass is obvious just ahead of us here. The west shoulder of Rainy Ridge at left.One more uphill section to the AB/BC border at the pass.Middle Kootenay Pass with Three Lakes Ridge at left. Middle Kootenay Mountain is accessed by going uphill to the right at this point.We briefly dropped over the pass before taking a trail in the scree going left.Looking towards the Middlepass Lakes area, note the trail starting in scree at lower right.Brilliant fall colors as we start the traverse to the lakes. Rainy Ridge, Three Lakes Ridge, Red Argillite, Krowicki and Miles from L to R.More brilliant fall foliage.