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A much colder day than Calgary was experiencing - felt like -26 in the parking lot while it was 4 degrees at my house.Warming up on the wide ski-out.This view back down the ski-out is always nice - Temple at left.Following ski tracks into lower Wolverine Valley.We start to warm up as the sun hits the Wolverine Valley - Unity Peak ahead.Some tighter tree skiing on the way down when you exit this valley.Looking ahead at our ascent options. We can go left around tree line under Unity Peak or right - straight up Wolverine Ridge.Dave follows the group in this glance back along Wolverine Ridge (L).Looking back down Wolverine Valley with the ridge at left. Lipalian at far left and Redoubt at right.A gorgeous day to be back here - looking back at Redoubt Mountain and our ascent tracks.The bump ahead is actually a shoulder of Lipalian and not really part of what I would call "Wolverine Ridge".Dave is hard to spot in his cool "camo pants". You'll have to ask him sometime. :)Looking down Wolverine Valley.It was a perfect ski day.Bill's new ski setup was the envy of the group - he always gets the cool stuff. Unity Peak above him here.Looking over Wolverine Ridge (C) with Lipalian, Lake Louise, Richardson and Redoubt (L to R).