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Sunshine Meadows awaits. We'll take the much smaller left hand trail towards Citadel Pass from here.Interesting lighting and cloud over Fatigue Mountain. Nasswald to its right.Clouds billowing over the shoulder of Quartz Hill.Looking over Howard Douglas Lake towards Fatigue, Nasswald, Golden, Citadel and Nestor in the distance at far right.Citadel Pass.Nestor Peak.A moody hike towards Citadel Pass and Peak.Wildflowers are now blooming ferociously in the meadows.A moody hike towards Citadel Pass and Peak.That looks a bit ominous! Another weather front moves over our destination as we start the steep descent from Citadel Pass to the Porcupine Campground and the Simpson River Valley.You know you're in BC when the bush is so tangled and avalanche paths so prevalent and steep.Nestor Peak (L) and Simpson Peak (R) lie many kilometers and many hundreds of meters of height loss / gains across the Simpson River Valley.Looking back at Eric as we pass through the fairly rustic Porcupine Campground.Just past the Porcupine Campground at a fork in the Simpson River Trail.The lovely, well forested Simpson River Trail.The trail gets even smaller with the junction towards Police Meadows.You know you're on the trail less traveled when this is your bridge! Note how tiny the Simpson River is at this point.