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Rod and I aren't done yet for the day. Heading for Wonder Pass from the hut.Looking back at the Nub from the Wonder Pass trail.The larches are a brilliant green - soon to be brilliant yellow.Rod at the BC / Alberta border at Wonder Pass. Wonder Peak on the left.Excellent views to the north towards Nasswald (L) and Og Mountain - which we'd do the next day.Rod makes his way up the lower slopes of Wonder Peak.Eon and Aye with The Towers in the foreground.Another view north - Nub Peak on the left, Og Mountain on the right with Citadel and Golden in between at center.Looking through Wonder Pass - I know where the name came from!The Towers is another scramble.Like a painting! Nub at left, Og at right distance.The summit looks scary and snowy from this angle on the way up.Too bad Assiniboine is hidden in the clouds. Aye and Lunette are beside it.Looking ahead to the summit of Wonder Peak.Gorgeous views of Gloria Lake, Aye, Lunette and Mount Assiniboine.Looking at the rest of the route. At least there's a trail!Wonder Lake is far beneath us.Looking north off the ascent ridge.Traversing snowy slopes to the summit.Looking back at Rod and the ascent ridge of Wonder Peak.