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Heading down Warre towards Vavasour looking easy at left.Looking down at 'Warre Pond' - our bivy is at the lower right of the lake. Mounts Smuts, Birdwood and Snow Peak rise across the Spray River Valley below.Looking back at the south ridge of Mount Warre.Some fun hands-on easy scrambling.Some fun hands-on easy scrambling.Looking back at Warre with Red Man Mountain, Aye and Assiniboine in the background left.White Man Mountain stole the show as we ascended Vavasour. The tarn beneath it was a close second.A wider view of the scenery to the west and north of our ascent ridge on Vavasour.  Warre at right.Looking up easy terrain to the summit of Vavasour.Views towards White Man Mountain and its tarn.A view from near the summit, looking over Mount Warre.Summit view looking east. Includes Smuts, Birdwood, Snow Peak with Fortress, Gusty, Galatea, Tower, Engadine behind.White Man, Red Man, Eon, Eye, Brussilof, Alcantara, Assiniboine, Allenby, Cone and many other 'familiar' peaks!Looking over my third destination for the day - Mount Leval. The west summit looks easy - the true summit not so much.Summit pano looking south-west-north with Kaycie now arriving.