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Looking back at Storm's approach from the parking lot. The ascent valley is on the right and the alternate descent on the left of the triangular hill.The upper hanging valley beneath Storm is gorgeous. It's hard to keep going once you get to such a nice 'lollygagging' opportunity!Looking back at the short / easy approach - note the trail in the scree behind me here.Continuing towards the back bowl before turning climber's left up some nasty scree!I went up on climbers left of the rock out cropping. You can see how much fun this terrain was!Arg. Slabs, scree and heat. At least the views are great!At the col, looking west at the Elk Range.Looking up from the col, false summit at right, summit at left.Looking back (south) from the false summit towards Mist Mountain. Hwy 40 snaking along at bottom right.You can clearly see the traverse on the right side of the ridge and it's pretty obvious why this ledge system has to be snow / ice freeNote the dust cloud below me? This is a rock slide that I kicked off on ascent. You don't want a large group on this mountain.The route continues along the scree bench that I'm on pretty much to skyline ridge and then climber's left to the summit.Mist Creek and the Highwood Range at left, Mist left of center and Storelk, Tyrwhitt, Pocaterra, Highwood Ridge, Arethusa and Mount Rae.Great views over Mist Mountain.Mount Rae is impressive. I love the character of the folded ridges in the Misty Range.Mount Rae.Looking down the short approach across hwy 40 to Storelk.