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Phil gazes down our approach valley to Rowe lakes as we start the long traverse to Festubert.From the first bump, looking at the second one that we by-passed on climber's left heading down to tree line. Festubert isn't even visible hereThis was the rest of our day - traversing in gray, windy, rainy, cold conditions. It was great fun!Looking back at the first summit we ascended along the traverse from Rowe.Phil is thrilled to be hiking along slick, snowy boulder fields.Yep! Kilometers of THIS! ;)I have to admit that it was still beautiful.Too bad that close summit wasn't the right one eh Phil? He asked my about a dozen times if I was absolutely CERTAIN that Festubert was this far.Sometimes we could stick right to the ridge, other times we had to drop down on climber's left to avoid nasty bits.The best shot I got of Festubert all dayOne more shot of our destination before the weather really closed in and I had to put my camera away.Yippee! We made it!I'm starting to run into a lot of Kris Thorsteinsson registers lately...A very dreary shot from the retreat, after this my camera went back in the pack.