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Wietse and Naomi walk along the first 4km of boring road along South Drywood Creek.Looking ahead to the colorful Loaf in the distance at left. Drywood on the right here.Sheep hunters on horseback.Looking back at Drywood Mountain.A wider view of the sheep hunters. The end of Loaf's ridge seen in the background.Wietse hikes beside the creek that we will shortly cross. An outlier of Loaf Mountain in the background.Great views down South Drywood Creek with Drywood looming on the left.Lovely, clear water in South Drywood Creek as we cross it.Naomi and a dead tree with Drywood above her head here.Ascending to the east ridge of Loaf Mountain.Ascending to the east ridge of Loaf Mountain looking at Drywood (R).Very interesting terrain with soaring cliffs, dead trees and extremely colorful rock.Ascending to the east ridge of Loaf Mountain the summit ahead.Loaf Mountain in the distance as we work our way up the colorful access slopes to the east.Looking off Loaf's east ridge to Drywood (R).Easy access slopes but with cliffs surrounding us.Castle colors.Wietse and Naomi follow me along the bumpy summit ridge of Loaf.One of my favorite shots from the entire Castle / Crown Wilderness Area - incredible lines and colors in this view towards Loaf Mountain.Drywood Mountain is another impressive summit in this area.