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Cataract Peak looms over the stream from just beneath our bivy ridge. The obvious scree gully beckons us onward.The gully granting access to the west face and summit of Cataract.Looking down a convenient snow patch in the lower gully.An obvious key landmark - the slab watercourse.Huge, blocky terrain - you don't want a large scattered group here.Phil gets ready to cross the drainage as we will start our first traverse out of sight to the left.Looking back at Phil starting the traverse and over our approach valley, far below us already at center.Looking up the blocky ramp - note the boulders at upper right on the skyline and the exposure down to the left.Looking back at Phil as we near the end of the first traverse. Note the loose, light colored blocky and bouldery terrain.Coming over the ridge (on descent we went down and around the nose you see here at center), looking back at the impressive "Little" Cataract.The small glacier at center and the extremely foreshortened scree bench at upper center trending left. There's at least 400 vertical meters left at this point.On ascent we utilized the glacier until running into some crevasses.Let the trudge begin! Phil is determined to kick the hell outta this scree slope!Starting to get glimpses into the very remote and rarely traveled Roaring Creek Valley.Sticking climbers left on the scree bench presented some slightly more solid footing but exposed me to the cliffs belowWe are now higher than any of our neighbors. Hector showing up at distant left.The snow / ice crux section was very short and not too exposed where we ascended, but without crampons I'm not sure it would have been doableIt's hard to see on this shot, but looking back along my traverse over the snow / ice patch you can see that it is runout to cliffs below.