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The trail starts out as a road that wanders around a (dry) pond before paralleling some fencing and corrals that I'm sure are used for the Bison.It's not a sunny day, but it's a nice one.Some nice views of Waterton valley.The trail has been recently maintained in the form of clearing vegetation from the sides, which makes hiking and horseback riding much more pleasant.More nice views of Waterton flats and the front range Waterton peaks including Sofa and Vimy on the left.There are enough open meadows on the trail to enjoy the views.My first close-up views of Lakeview Ridge as I descend from the first ridge towards the valley. Dungarvon in the background.A common theme in the Waterton / Castle area is shriveled up, ancient trees!Looking off the lower ridge towards Mount Galwey.Looking back over my approach route which goes down this valley from the far ridge.Great fall views over Bellevue Hill (L) and Mount Galwey (R) from part way up the steep slope to the ridge.Tele panorama of the prairie just outside of Waterton Park. Chief Mountain and Sofa Mountain on the right.Desolation? Not really, but it was sort of grey...The colors in Waterton are always a treat. This is looking towards Dungarvon.The summit is on the right as I approach a high point on the ridge.Getting there.View north from the west summit of Lakeview Ridge. The east summit on the right.Looking east and south from the summit.Bellevue Hill and Mount Galwey and Dungarvon (R).Lots of lakes!