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Raf's team skis beside us in the early morning light. Mount Columbia is unreachable across the TrenchFerenc and JW follow on the rope.TJ breaks a nice gentle trail up North Twin.TJ points out his next objectives as we take a break on the way up the south ridge.Panorama from the ascent of North Twin showing the long approach to Mount Columbia from the trench (around 6km)Mount Columbia.Ferenc and JW as we take another break on the ascent.Getting higher on the south ridge. You can just make out the other ascent party near the summit ridge.Raf, Adam and Jay make their way, on foot, to the summit of North Twin.At the ski drop just under the main summit.TJ on the final summit ridge of North Twin - note the nice drop to our right and Twins Tower visible at the center.Ferenc on the summit of North Twin with Columbia, South Twin, West Twin and King Edward visible.South and West Twin Peaks in the fg with Mount Columbia and King Edward in the bg.Columbia, South Twin, West Twin (tiny bump!), King Edward and many, many others.TJ on the summit of North Twin Peak.Twins Tower, Alberta, Little Alberta, Woolley, Diadem, Thorington Tower, Stutfields, Cromwell and Kitchener