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Looking back over Maclean Creek trail from where I parked. Death's Head at distant right and Sinnot Hill at distant left here.The initial road is wide and obviously cleared of snow but there's still an alarming amount of the white stuff beside it. I wondered if I'd have to go back to my truck for the 'shoes.The side trail is covered in snow and ice but thankfully there's tracks and it's still pretty frozen.Starting up the grassy SW end of Jack's south ridge, looking over at Mesa Butte which I ascended in February 2014.Easy grassy slopes and NO SNOW!!Easy grassy slopes and NO SNOW!!Nice front range scenery in this view west to the higher Mesa (Square) Butte.]Final slope to the treed summit.Looking back down the south ridge with the cutline that I approached on visible at lower center.Looking south (L) and west (R) including Mesa Butte at right with Death's Head to it's left. Sinnot hill somewhere left of center here.The obvious forms of Banded and Glasgow peaks.A tele-pano looking west towards peaks such as Burns, Bluerock, Cougar, Rose, Threepoint and others.Wading through the suck in the valley between Jack and Jill's Hill.Wading through the suck in the valley between Jack and Jill's Hill.Huge trees had blown over in this little valley - strange that none of the smaller ones seemed affected?Out of the suck and heading up Jill's open and dry south ridge.The highest point on Jill's Hill is still a bit treed - the views are better just under the summit.