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The slopes to gain the ridge of the SW outlier are a strange mix of scree, plates of rock and wild flowers. At least the mosquitos weren't out yet.Looking back as I gain the ridge to the SW outlier. The parking lot at center bottom.Looking ahead to Kent Ridge from near the summit of the SW outlier.Mount Birdwood across the valley.Summit cairn on the SW outlier looking down at the ridge.Looking up towards James Walker (R) with Chester on the left and an unnamed peak at center.Summit panorama from the outlier looking back at the ascent route.Panorama from the ridge includes, French, Murray, CEGFNS, Burstall, Birdwood, Commonwealth, Commonwealth Ridge and Mount Chester (L to R).Looking back at the north outlier from the col.Pano looking back at the ascent route for Kent Ridge at the north outlier.Looking across the Spray Lakes road to Mount French and Smith Dorrien.Mounts Sarrail and Joffre across the Kananaskis Lakes region.Mud Lake visible at lower right with Commonwealth Ridge, Peak and Birdwood to the left.Summit view from Kent Ridge to Mount Inflexible.The ridge continues to Mount Inflexible - looks very easy from this angle.View into the James Walker bowl with both scramble routes to the summit visible.Looking into the valley between Kent Ridge and Mount Inflexible - beautiful view!!Another panorama, this one looking south towards Kananaskis Lake and west towards the Haig Icefield.Panorama looking towards Mount Chester, James Walker and Inflexible on the far right.