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The trail is not that easy to spot from the Redearth Creek trail. GPS would help here!The pink ribbon highway!Can you spot the ribbon on the far side of the rock slide? It's there...Looking back across an avalanche chute.Interesting terrain as I grovel upwards, trending right.I took the high line and contoured to the right.After contouring and climbing up for a bit, you should spot the pinnacle on the ridge above - your next target.Looking back at my approach valley as I work up towards the pinnacle.Looking across Redearth Creek to Copper (R) and Ball (L).Fabulous views over Copper Mountain's shoulder towards Eisenhower Tower and the Rockbound Lake area.Looking across Brett's lower shoulder towards the Egypt Lakes area.On the west shoulder of Pilot, working up to the flake.The infamous 'rock flake'.Views towards Mount Ball and Shadow Lake from under the flake.Looking up the flake.Looking out from the flake towards Ball and Storm (R).The scrambling in the flake is moderate.The scrambling in the flake is moderate.Great view of Copper Mountain from the exit point of the flake - note the cairn at upper left.Pretty exposed looking down at the ascent terrain!