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Phil preps his pack as sunlight hits our peak far up valley from the Police Meadows cabin.Yes. This is exactly how our day began!! Why not use the log? It was horribly slick from morning dew and we knew our feet were getting wet in the swamp immediately after the crossing anyway.O.M.G. That's all I got for this one.One of many cliffs that we had to routefind around.A glorious mix of moss, mud, cliffs, rocks and of course lots and lots of alders.He's smiling but Eric is NOT having that much fun. Trust me. None of us are at this point.Nestor Peak at far left, Simpson Peak and Simpson Ridge to the right of it. The Monarch at center distance up the Simpson River Valley and Citadel Pass area at right.Oh oh. A steep wall along the ridge might prove problematic. There's a notch you can't see here that has overhanging rock on the other side of it.This isn't even the exposed part of the traverse yet, but you get the idea. There were very many "no slip" zones and some very delicate steps across exposed gullies that required focus and attention.What a glorious day! Note the green meadow at lower right? The Porcupine / Simpson River trail goes through it.Steeper and more exposed than it appears. There's a reason we didn't want to traverse this on return when we were tired - there were some tricky steps on this face.Eric finishes up the traverse in this view back down the ridge. Police Meadows at left, Eric at right.Telephoto showing the two cabins at Police Meadows. The trail snaking off to the right leads to the Simpson River Trail.Looking ahead to the rest of the ridge and Nestor Peak with its north pocket glacier.We had some mighty fine positions on the north ridge! Phil is gazing over the Valley of Rocks which is out of sight from my vantage, to the left.The ridge was everything we'd hoped for and more. It was narrow in spots but a terrific scramble above wonderful scenery.Looking back along the ridge at another section we bypassed - this time on our right. Police Meadows catching the morning sun at lower center.One of the hidden tarns lying east of Simpson Peak and north of Nestor.For a while we wondered if this would be our next crux section, but it was remarkably straightforward with great exposure and views.