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The terrain just keeps getting bigger and the views better. Mount Temple is majestic across Paradise Valley.Ben traverses the summit ridge.Mount Fairview and Haddo Peak across the Trans Canada hwy at the Lake Louise ski hill. Piran at far left, Little Temple at far right.The impressive north face of Mount Temple.The easy descent slope off Aberdeen's summit is on the right and leads to the col that we avoided.Little Temple (L) looks very "little" next to "Big" Temple (R)! The funny part is that it's still a 1000m vertical height gain on skis to its lowly summit.Great views into Paradise Valley and towards Aberdeen (R) from the summit of Haddo Peak.The upper ridge of Mount Baker.Looking over at Mount Habel from the summit.Mount Collie, Des Poilus and Ayesha.TJ skis towards Mount Balfour in great early morning lighting.Presidents (L), Des Poilus, Mummery, Olive, Thompson, Crowfoot, Pulpit, Hector and many more.Mount Forbes is the highest peak in Banff National Park. South and North Twin in the distant background on the right, The Lyells to the left.Looking over the Wapta to the north over Arete, Des Poilus, Collie, Ayesha and Gordon (L to R).Looking over the tiny Balfour Hut (lower center) up the Vulture Glacier. Crowfoot at right.Incredible views over the entire Wapta Icefield.A wide spot on the descent ridge.We ascended the false peak for views. This is looking back at Steven coming up to the false summit with the main summit of BBP in the background.From left to right, Cirrus, Spine, Saskatchewan and North Towers.Bryce on the left and Castleguard on the right.