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A photo from along hwy 11 to the parking lot showing the cloudy skies, flowers and William Booth.A sign at the trailhead.Whitegoat Falls doesn't seem that promising. We walked on past.Following ribbons through Whitegoat Creek.Odd bear scat. Got into someone's food stash, obviously.Odd bear scat. Got into someone's food stash, obviously.Rain jackets on, moods slightly depressed.Rain jackets off as the sky starts to show more blue.One of the large camps along the trail.Still getting water on the lens, but the sky is clearing!The trail is interesting in sections.There's a sign up ahead but the track is worn out here.The creek at left and trail at right.Looking back down the drainage towards Abraham Lake.The creek is a bit of a mess in places, but the trail is always there.A ribbon urges us onward, as does the large pinnacle that we know is over the first pass.Hiking upper Whitegoat Creek.Hiking upper Whitegoat Creek.Hiking upper Whitegoat Creek. The OHV track goes right up the steep slope. We didn't.Staying in the creek to the first pass.